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Bringing Chummer into the Sixth World

Welcome to ChumPy

This is the landing page for the ChumPy project.

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$ Mirage connected, Welcome Chummer !

If you're looking for some basic information reading the next few paragraphs should be sufficient. For additional information, or if you want to get involved, please feel free to dig through everything else as well !

Design Philosophy

ChumPy will have some different priorities in comparison to other software projects. As the original Chummer is still working we don't have any time pressure and want our implementation of Chummer to fix the "issues" with the original code. First of all we want it to be truly cross-platform compatible. It will be runnable on Windows, Linux and OS X, but that's not where it's going to end. ChumPy will run on Android, iOS and WindowsPhone - tablets as well as smartphones.

Next up on our list is readable, maintainable and beautiful code. We want ChumPy to be so simple and well build, that keeping it up to date is a joy. We want to write a code foundation that can be used in 10 years, we want this to be a project that will accompany you through all of the fifth edition and we want ChumPy to be easily scalable for a sixth edition.

Additional Features

We're going to basically clone Chummer, but we'll add some handy improvements - as you can easily bring ChumPy to the table. We're aiming for simple things like Dice Rollers, Ammo Tracking, Condition Monitors or an Initiative Tracker. Furthermore things like Sprite, Spirit, Drone or Cyberdeck Assistance will be included.

We'll introduce a platform to create and share NPCs and Runs, we'll add a special mode for the GameMaster - where he can easily managed his runs, track the groups progress and even manage different groups.

This is where we'll take a new approach and add features to improve the gameplay at the table. This is where your feedback is the most important. This is where you can tell us what you want to use at your friday-night run.

Another nice addition will be a whole new UI. As we aim to provide ChumPy on all the major devices, we need to think about new layouts and designs. We aim for something, that looks and feels like it's part of the game you're playing. We'll make ChumPy fit in. Modern and sleek.

Arrangement with Chummer

Every single feature from the original Chummer will be implemented. You will be able to create your characters like you are with Chumer right now. We're not going to change the workflow you've established over the years, we're only going to make it available to everyone, everywhere.

How to get involved

If you want this to be reality rather soon than late, there are multiple possibilities for you to get involved. For those low on time, but with money to burn, we've got GratiPay set up (see button at the bottom of the page) to help us pay for server fees, app store licenses and to show everyone involved some love. For those high on time - there are different ways to get involved. We're already reaching out and gathering a small but proficient team.

The easiest way to support us, is by actively providing feedback, joining our mailing list and testing our beta builds. You can be part of our quality assessment team, answering polls, testing new builds and joining our forums, providing feedback and gathering opinions yourself. For those with artistic talents, you can help by joining our design team. We've got some nice suprises up our sleeves where you can help, but this will be kept secret for now. If you are a developer and want to help - please reach out to us - but we're afraid that too many cooks spoil the broth, so we probably won't involve more then four to six external developers.

Got any other idea on how to support ChumPy ? Please tell us !

We want ChumPy to be exactly what you want and need, so we're depending on your cooperation for doing this!